Congresstival for the key players in the Life Sciences & Health sector with a global view

The World of Health Care (WoHC) is one of the largest and most inspiring ‘congresstivals’ in the Netherlands. Over 1000 Dutch and international Life Sciences & Health organisations from industry, knowledge institutes, NGO’s, healthcare providers and the government will attend the event. As a visitor you will learn about global & local health trends, challenges and opportunities in an interactive manner. The main goal of the WoHC is to network, to share knowledge and to be inspired. 


Task Force Health Care has a long history of organising influential and leading conferences with a focus on global health challenges, international trends and export. It brings together the Dutch and international Life Sciences & Health organisations and stakeholders who improve wellbeing internationally in a sustainable and demand-driven manner. Hence, the mission of the not-for-profit foundation Task Force Health Care is to improve healthcare together by connecting the right people.


Peter Post
Jennifer Schrage
Thierry Aartsen
Erik Pentinga
Mieke Flierhuis
Guido Danen
Suze Kruisheer
Louis Putzeist
Amy van Bragt
Steven Jonis
Paul Vissers


Len de Jong
Peter Portheine
Piet Daemen
Amanda Mackintosh
Sven Walraven
Willem Rozenberg